“Spring Is Here” Green Cabbage Salad

With daylight saving time switch today, I feel like spring is finally here! I really don’t care about losing one hour, well, I almost don’t care because I won’t know about my true feelings about it until my alarm goes on tomorrow morning 🙂 Anyway, days are longer, snow is melted and I was craving this salad all weekend as nothing tastes more like a spring to me than this simple, slow-like salad of fresh young green cabbage, radishes, cucumbers and fresh herbs. When I was growing up in Ukraine, fresh vegetables were hard to find during winter and green cabbage and radishes were one of the first veggies available in the spring time, so everyone would make this salad in the spring. And although I can buy radishes and cabbage anytime now, I always make this salad as soon as I feel spring in the air!


1 small fresh green cabbage – about 1/2 lb.(preferably more delicate young cabbage)

5-6 red radishes, sliced

2 Persian (or pickling) cucumbers, cut in halves lengthwise and sliced

Handful of fresh dill, chopped

Handful of fresh flat parsley leaves, chopped

2 springs green onions, chopped

3 tablespoons sour cream (or Greek yogurt)

1 tablespoon lemon juice


Shred the cabbage (like shown in the borsch recipe here), add cucumbers, radishes, herbs, lemon juice and sour cream, mix well and season with some salt. If the salad seems dry, add more sour cream. Enjoy!


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