Super Quick Pan-Fried Haddock Fillet

This is a quick recipe for when don’t have a lot of time but want to make something quick and healthy. Pan-roasted white fish is perfect in these cases. I guarantee that it will take you less time than heating up a frozen pasta dinner!  It is a much healthier option too. I think haddock is underrated, but it’s very tasty and easy-to-cook fish.

By the way, check out this haddock recipe too:

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

2 haddock fillets (about 7 oz. each)



Extra virgin olive oil

Lemon juice (about one tablespoon or less)


Season fish fillets with salt and pepper; rub them with a little olive oil. Let them rest for about five minutes, so the fish soaks all the flavors. If you want a spicier version, you can season the fish with some crushed chili pepper and/or smoked Spanish paprika. You can also use your favorite dried herbs; for example,  oregano goes very well with the fish. I wanted a plain salt and pepper version as I was serving the fish with flavorful roasted vegetables.

Heat a large frying pan with one or two tablespoons of olive oil and place the fillets in the pan skin side down. Cook on high for about four minutes. Turn them on the other side and cook for another minute or two (depending on how thick the fillets are). Drizzle with some fresh lemon juice and serve immediately with your favorite side or salad. It’s delicious with rice, mashed potatoes and couscous.


17 thoughts on “Super Quick Pan-Fried Haddock Fillet

  1. This looks nice. I bought some haddock today. I’m in Holland so I just bought a packet of “schelvis”. Google tells me it’s haddock and with a bit of browsing I found this recipe. Looks simple yet delicious. Yummy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This came out great and was just as fast as a frozen, microwaveable dinner! I also love that it uses just simple flavorings that I generally always have at home. I am also happy to have a good fish recipe that doesn’t include breading. Thank you!

  3. The haddock was really, really good. I had never cooked it before. I bought it because it was the only wild caught fresh fish in the market–as opposed to farm raised or previously frozen. This was an easy but delicious recipe. I did add both a little crushed chili pepper and spanish paprika. I only bought 1/2 pound. Back to the supermarket tomorrow for more. It’s on sale.

  4. I have been doing my Haddock this same way for a long time now….I find that Haddock is a nice clean white mild flavor, and it pairs well with everything…I usually have rice for my side and I flavor the rice with a bit of garlic. Great dish.

  5. This sounds great and just what I was looking for! I, too, bought haddock cuz’ it was the only wild caught {hook & line} fish they had this day- and I didn’t want any farmed or previously frozen stuff. Wanted to do something simple to bring out it’s own wonderful flavor. To be truthful, I pretty much always broil my fish- but because we’re in a heatwave here in Boston, I’ve got the A.C. on, which means that I can’t turn on my toaster oven that I use for everything as it’s on the table plugged into same outlet as A.C. I feel sure I’d burn something out if I tried to use it, so I’m looking for something I can do in a pan on top of the stove. Gonna start on this now- mmmm thanx for the inspiration!

  6. me and my boyfriend are on a 5 meal diet with 1 lean and green meal a day which we do as dinner and the white fish i am able to have 7 oz which is a heaarty portion and there are very limited healthy fats im allowed with this diet and this recipe was just absolutly perrrrfect! thanx to whhoever made it! thanx thanx thanx! 🙂

  7. I’ve never cooked a haddock before. Google brought me to your blog and this recipe is exactly what I was looking for – something delicious with less fuss.
    Made it today and it is very yummy – thanks very much!!! 🙂

  8. Brilliant! I live in South Wales/GB and think i’m a reasonably good cook, but I’m always open to new ways of doing things. I haven’t bought haddock before, but it was fresh at Wiarose and so I thought I’d try it. I wanted a fish recipe that didn’t call for the fish to be breaded or have anything else complcated done with it. Hit the spot! I don’t often buy haddock, but it was fresh and so I thought I’d try it.

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